Saturday, December 18, 2010

Think by Writing

I am the polar opposite of a blogger. So why am I blogging? Because it is required for this class. I must admit it may have been a good experience. I have used this blog as an opportunity to think about a lot of different things relating to computer networking. Writing about my thoughts has helped me to think more clearly. I know that this is a well understood principle, but it really has helped me. Blogging throughout the semester helped me to formulate the ideas leading to my research proposal, just submitted at the end of the semester.

Writing isn't my favorite activity; talking is much easier for me. All this writing is probably making writing easier, and perhaps more enjoyable. See, look at me, I'm blabbering on and on to an invisible audience. Save yourself. Please stop reading now while you can. If you are still reading one of two things might be true. Either I have become really good at blogging, or you are putting together my grade for this class.

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