Saturday, December 18, 2010

The End

One of the things I am taking away from this class is what I have learned about writing a good research paper. We have read alot of papers, reported on them to the class, asked and answered questions about them. Throughout the semester Dr. Zappala has pointed out aspects of good writing, which has been very helpful. He has especially commented on what makes an introduction useful.

He has taught us how to find new papers, how to break into new research areas on our own. He has taught us, through the activities of this class, how to separate a research area into parts, how to begin to comprehend the parts and their relationship to whole. I have learned a lot about networking, but perhaps more importantly I have learned a lot about writing and research.

The interactive format of the class has been very productive and fun. Having the consistent experience of presenting papers to each other was, I thought, a great use of class time. The instructor jumped in to help us a lot, but that was much better than being left out of the teaching experience. We really do learn by doing.

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