Friday, November 12, 2010

An Ever Darkening World

One thing that we haven't studied is the effect of malicious users and perverse content on the Internet as a whole. From the beginning the Internet has been plagued with such problems. Now that we have spam filtering for our email, things seem better for me.

In Book of Mormon terms, I wonder how hard we are laboring to support iniquity. President Monson spoke once about prostituting presses. This was in relation to printing pornographic material. Certainly computer networks are being prostituted in a significant way. I wonder to what extent this is happening. What are the trends, compared to legitimate traffic? What are the costs and how are they distributed? What is the effect on society as a whole? Are we winning or losing?

The words of the prophets speak of an every darkening world. As the world collectively descends into the pit of sinful living, I suppose our networks are becoming more corrupt over time. I also suppose that this negative force will eventually threaten the benefits associated with the power of the Internet.

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